Saturday, 24 January 2009

December Ride Report

Setting off on time with the Soundsystem, we arrived late due to a mechanical on the towing arm of the trailer. A quick run back for a clamp and a 10 minute wait on Princes Av dressed as Santa had us sorted to go agin.

There was a good turnout, with some great tinsel, stars, decorated bikes and mulled wine........mmmm.

We hit the roads at 6:30 with around 20 riders. A wrong turn (is it possible on the mass?) at Lewis's saw us pass through the Bus and Taxi canyon of St Johns. The mass tried weaving through, but was held up by the congestion and sat there stuck. Guns & Roses welcome to the jungle was bouncing around all the walls and made sure we didn't pass unnoticed.

Up past St Georges ad over the flyover to Dale street saw us cruising along. It's so nice to be able to take a deep breath, ralax and looka round you at the lights of the city, safe in the mass and not having to worry about any traffic.

We turned left and right, again and again, round the dock areas back up into town. When getting back to the arch we we almost stopped by a police car. He got out and ordered us to ride two abreast, even through it is not illegal in any way to ride as we had been. Obviously a motorist had complained, so we rode 2 abreast but continued to take up one lane as we had before.

At the chinese arch the Policeman pulled in and chatted with us. He was friendly and understood what we were up to and why (Bonus). With the law lords recent ruling that critical mass is not illegal, it would be hard for the police to take any firmer response.

Comming up soon we will be having a film night, so keep your ears to the ground and see you soon!