Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Bike Shop in Liverpool

Tucked away near the Cains Brewery a new bike shop has opened in Liverpool. Under the CUC Novas building, it seems to sell just Giant Bicycles. In the recession, boosted by track cycling's Olympic success, cycling shops have bucked the trend and the industry has continued to grow, even with the weak pound making imported Japanese (all Shimano gear)very expensive.

Go and check it out!!

If you thought we have it bad.........

Checkout this video from Paris. I've been there and it is that crazy, with mopeds all over the place. It highlights well that in congested areas of cities, no amount of paint on the road, or rules (if you can understand the french) will help at all, if poor driver behaviour isn't tackled.

Compared with some of these french drivers, even the most inconsiderate Liverpool drivers look like angels. Don't even get started on cycling contraflow systems as at around 4:00

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mobile Phone and Driving Petition

Critical Mass is excellent as a statement that we want our roads to be safer, more sociable places and less intimidating for non motorised traffic and pedestrians. Although we have great fun in the sun (and rain...) meeting up once a month at the Chinese arch, it has often said that Critical Mass doesn't in itself achieve any of the above aims.

Please have a look at this petition on the number 10 site, and sign it if you agree. It only takes a couple of minutes.

The petition is supported by Roadpeace who have some excellent articles regarding road safety and driver behaviour. They are refreshing in their "radical views" that perhaps 3000 people killed on the UK's roads and twice as many seriously injured each year may be too high a cost to pay for our convenience of movement.

It must be stressed that cycling is a very safe activity on the majority of roads in the country. It is important that we help to keep it this way.