Thursday, 20 November 2008

November Ride Report

November was the first ride to start fully in the dark and numbers looked good.

The soundsystem was already there. A kids trailer packed with speakers. Then the second soundsystem turned up. It was party time......

We headed out and over the flyover to Duke Street. People really noticed us, as the music filled the streets. We successfully created a small, momentary space on a Liverpool road, which was sociable, safe for cyclists and carfree.

On duke street a CCTV van stopped for a gander as we went past, bemused as to whether we were doing anything wrong. Shortly after, the lead sounsystem suffered a Justin Timberlake moment, but the mass pulled together and saw it through. It did however get a passing bus driver dancing in his cab, opening his doors to join in.

Also there was a guy on a wobble bike. This bike hinges in the normal way with the forks, but has a 2nd hinge underthe seat. This leads to some amazing manouvres.

After the mass we stood around and chatted, tried to ride the wobble bike (with varied success), and compared soudsystem specs. Many headed of to the Punk fundraiser at the social centre.

Next Mass is on Friday December 12th, usual place and time. It's the critmass edition, everyone must bring some tinsle and I'm sure there'll be many flasks of mulled wine around.

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