Sunday, 17 May 2009

Safety in Numbers

The CTC have launched a new campaign called Safety in Numbers. They need your help to get a motion through parliament which acknowledges that the biggest factor affecting the safety of cyclists on the roads is the "safety in numbers" effect. The more cyclists are on the road, the more drivers will expect to encounter cyclists and will adjust their behaviour accordingly. I can't wait to see the day when the majority of school children cycle to school. Sustrans is doing great work through its Bike It! project helping schools across the country adopt travel plans, introduce safer routes to schools and bike parking. It seems that some drivers have little compassion or consideration for young male cyclists, but as soon as we get the majority of children cycling to school, we expect driver attitudes and behaviour will improve dramatically. Sustrans aren't forcing them to cycle either, when surveyed over 60% of pupils wanted to be able to ride to school, yet only 2% actually did.

The important bit - please do this!!

Anyway, at the moment the MP for riverside, Louse Ellman has not yet signed the motion. It only takes 2 minutes to send a message asking for her to sign it. Please do the following;

  • Go to the CTC website here
  • Have a look through the early day motion proposed (optional)
  • Enter your postcode on the bottom of the page, it will then come up with your local MP
  • Enter your details below and hit send
  • Sit back and feel contented that you have let the person who represents the Riverside voting minority, know of your wishes!

This motion asks that we look at all the factors detering cyclists from the roads, including driver behaviour, and also get more cycle training for younger people. This last one is especially important. The next generation of drivers will have had a much better level of cycle training and know the issues that cyclists face. The majority of drivers on the roads now either had no cycle training, or received it back in the day when they were taught to ride in the gutter and keep out of everyone else's way!! These twisted attitudes all come from somewhere...........

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