Friday, 17 July 2009

Bike Parking at Liverpool Southparkway

See below the message from Andrew Grimbley of the Merseyside Cycling Campaign. Try and roll out of bed early on Weds and make it down.

We need your support on Wednesday 22nd July at 0815. It would be great to have as many people as possible turn up at the cycle stands next to the main road facing entrance of Liverpool South Parkway rail station to show that we are not impressed that the previously excellent cycle facilities have been removed to make way for a Business Lounge. Please join me at 0815 sharp for photo opportunity where as many bicycle as possible will be locked to the available Sheffield Stands to show that the present cycle parking is inadequate.

Further to the recent works carried out at Liverpool South Parkway rail station, Merseyside Cycling Campaign has been in correspondence to Merseytravel to express disappointment that has resulted in fewer less secure cycle spaces at the station. We are also disappointed that Merseytravel carried out no consultation before removing the previous cycle parking, especially in the case of a station that has won many awards and accolades for sustainability. We will be using the photo opportunity to ask for improved secure station cycle parking at stations across Merseyside.

The excellent bike parking as it was;

And as it is now;


mcknut said...

Are you aware of this question asked by Paula Keaveney?

It does suggest that there will be the return of some sheltered parking. I was livid yesterday when I first saw the sign "Business Lounge" and realised what they had been doing. I've since noticed today some "plush" (p)leather seats. I'm assuming this room isn't going to be available to everyone and will get little use. As a businessman myself I'd much rather have sheltered bike parking.

(I commented on Paula's blog yesterday, it hasn't shown up yet so I'm guessing she's busy as I was perfectly cordial :-)

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Aishwarya Rai Actress said...

I've since noticed today some "plush" (p)leather seats. I'm assuming this room isn't going to be available to everyone and will get little use.