Friday, 26 November 2010

Merseyside Transport Plan! Act Quick!

A Transport Plan is being drawn up for Merseyside to cover the period 2011 - 2024, and there is currently public consultation until 30 November.

Why not have your say by emailing using the Title “LTP3 Consultation” and just use the suggested text (edit as applicable):

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to give my view concerning Merseyside’s Third Local Transport Plan.

(a) I would like the speed limit in the road where I live to be 20 mph / 30 mph (delete as applicable)
(b) I would like the speed limit at my local shops to be 20 mph / 30 mph
(c) For every £100 of my taxes spent on the roads, I would like £*** to be spent on facilities for motor vehicles and £*** to be spent on walking and cycling (fill in)
(d) My post code is ***

I also think ***


Friday, 5 November 2010

Next Ride Friday 12th November

I haven't heard anything on the grape vine about an apres ride event this month. Can anyone help out??

Everyone is part of the mass, so if you've got an event on, or want to organise something then let people know on the facebook group or comment on here, or get chatting at the next mass. In the past we've had film nights, summer picnics, warehouse parties with homebrew and of course the general pub fun.

Bring yourself and your ideas to the next mass and lets make it one to remember.

See you then.