Friday, 26 November 2010

Merseyside Transport Plan! Act Quick!

A Transport Plan is being drawn up for Merseyside to cover the period 2011 - 2024, and there is currently public consultation until 30 November.

Why not have your say by emailing using the Title “LTP3 Consultation” and just use the suggested text (edit as applicable):

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to give my view concerning Merseyside’s Third Local Transport Plan.

(a) I would like the speed limit in the road where I live to be 20 mph / 30 mph (delete as applicable)
(b) I would like the speed limit at my local shops to be 20 mph / 30 mph
(c) For every £100 of my taxes spent on the roads, I would like £*** to be spent on facilities for motor vehicles and £*** to be spent on walking and cycling (fill in)
(d) My post code is ***

I also think ***


Friday, 5 November 2010

Next Ride Friday 12th November

I haven't heard anything on the grape vine about an apres ride event this month. Can anyone help out??

Everyone is part of the mass, so if you've got an event on, or want to organise something then let people know on the facebook group or comment on here, or get chatting at the next mass. In the past we've had film nights, summer picnics, warehouse parties with homebrew and of course the general pub fun.

Bring yourself and your ideas to the next mass and lets make it one to remember.

See you then.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Summer 09 Picnic Ride

Just found this from Alex. Enjoy.........

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Summer time Party

This August is going to be a great mass.

First up, there's a new soundsystem in town. Built by bodgers and general good guys extrodinaire Luke and Pete, We'll get some pics up soon. Apparently it's LOUD, can't wait to hear it.

After the August mass there is definitely the option of a beer or two in friendly surroundings, but rumours are growing about some party! More details when confirmed.

Anyway, Chinese Arch 6pm Fri 13th Aug. Meet likeminded cyclists and have an enjoyable ride with the safety and company of lots of others.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Bike Parking at Liverpool Southparkway

See below the message from Andrew Grimbley of the Merseyside Cycling Campaign. Try and roll out of bed early on Weds and make it down.

We need your support on Wednesday 22nd July at 0815. It would be great to have as many people as possible turn up at the cycle stands next to the main road facing entrance of Liverpool South Parkway rail station to show that we are not impressed that the previously excellent cycle facilities have been removed to make way for a Business Lounge. Please join me at 0815 sharp for photo opportunity where as many bicycle as possible will be locked to the available Sheffield Stands to show that the present cycle parking is inadequate.

Further to the recent works carried out at Liverpool South Parkway rail station, Merseyside Cycling Campaign has been in correspondence to Merseytravel to express disappointment that has resulted in fewer less secure cycle spaces at the station. We are also disappointed that Merseytravel carried out no consultation before removing the previous cycle parking, especially in the case of a station that has won many awards and accolades for sustainability. We will be using the photo opportunity to ask for improved secure station cycle parking at stations across Merseyside.

The excellent bike parking as it was;

And as it is now;

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Bike Shop in Liverpool

Tucked away near the Cains Brewery a new bike shop has opened in Liverpool. Under the CUC Novas building, it seems to sell just Giant Bicycles. In the recession, boosted by track cycling's Olympic success, cycling shops have bucked the trend and the industry has continued to grow, even with the weak pound making imported Japanese (all Shimano gear)very expensive.

Go and check it out!!

If you thought we have it bad.........

Checkout this video from Paris. I've been there and it is that crazy, with mopeds all over the place. It highlights well that in congested areas of cities, no amount of paint on the road, or rules (if you can understand the french) will help at all, if poor driver behaviour isn't tackled.

Compared with some of these french drivers, even the most inconsiderate Liverpool drivers look like angels. Don't even get started on cycling contraflow systems as at around 4:00