Thursday, 4 September 2008

Next Critical Mass

The Next Mass is happening on Friday 12th Sept. People will be there, rain or shine, at 6pm at the Chinese Arch Nelson street. For more info on Critical mass see this post

There is no after event that we've heard of, but if you know of anything fun going on on Friday, then please suggest it. If not we can always go to a nice pub, or have a cuppa and chat in the Egg Cafe.

Critical Mass has no set route, we just follow the people in front and hope they know where they're going! However if there's any part of Liverpool you fancy going to, have a look at a suitable route and suggest it to the mass. It's always nice to cycle to a destination.

I'm gonna be bringing my gloves for this one, roll on winter I'm ready!!

Hope to see you there!

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